Zaragoza – Sevilla Match Comments

I hate to always be repeating myself, but this is yet another game that, more than the Barca games, more than the Real games, we have to win. When we miss out on top 3 places, it’s not because we didn’t get enough points from those games, it’s these games that kill us. Zaragoza is currently sitting 19th place, and hopefully Manzano has whatever magic spell we need in order to stop playing relegation-threatened teams like we are also relegation threatened.


Sevilla 1-1 Racing. Hercules 2-0 Sevilla. Gijón 2-0 Sevilla. Come ON, you guys! Those teams are currently 14th, 17th, and 13th, respectively, but we managed 1 point out of that murder’s row of top-shelf talent and attacking dynamism. Hopefully that all changes today, when we head to Zaragoza at 11am EST. Be here, or…don’t, I guess. But try to be here!