Zaragoza – Sevilla Match Comments

The noon spot in Spain means a 5am wake up call for anyone living in the middle of the United States (and that makes up about half of the MM crew), so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised to read your comments when I wake up after the match is over.

  • Manolo Jiménez will be watching from the stands, as he was expelled from the previous match. Michel will be joining his team again on the sideline after sitting out the last two contests for some bullshit we don’t need to remember.
  • Medel and Maduro will likely resume their midfield pairing, which was showing promise before Medel’s suspension for the aforementioned bullshit (we’ll all be happier if we make it part of a collective Monchis Men Pacto del Olvido). Since Medel’s been out of the lineup we’ve allowed four goals in two matches–not at all like our run of two allowed in five to open the season.
  • We may see Perotti make his first start of the season this week, and it comes at a good time with Trochowski now lost for the rest of the season and Reyes struggling to be anything but Former Sevilla Star Reyes. Manu played well last week, so the left side of midfield will be a spot to watch.
  • Negredo is the top Spanish goal scorer with six so far this campaign. A couple more today would be fantastic. As usual, they will likely feature assisting from the four footed monster that is our right side of midfield (Navas and Cicinho).

Gimme some goals! Gimme some comments to read when I wake up! Vamanooooooos!