Zaragoza – Sevilla Match Comments

After several weeks of lamenting the absence of our best forwards, last weekend we got Negredo and Kanoute back, and…well, we only managed one goal, and we lost at home to a pretty clearly superior Athletic team. The loss was disconcerting not just because we lost, and not just because we lost with something pretty close to our best 11: the worst part was the team’s apparent lack of interest in winning the game, and the absence of creativity moving the ball forward. The hope that this tendency would change with the return of our goal scorers up front will have to hold on for another week, at least, or maybe just until the January transfer window. Hope springs eternal among Sevillistas, or at least I hope it does (see what I did there?).


So off the team goes to Zaragoza, to another winnable game that will likely make us all extremely nervous for the almost the entirety of the match. Not only are “these the games we have to win”, as we love to say around here, this exactly the kind of game that Negredo and Kanoute could use to get back to scoring after extended absences. That’s the optimistic take, at any rate. Also on the positive news front is the return of Medel, who’s playing the DZ role from years past of being absolutely essential to the team’s success, and having his greatness most obvious in absence. Plus, you know, Medel being back should mean that Fazio doesn’t start. So there’s that.


While you breathlessly wait for tomorrow’s kick-off, check out Monchi’s Men’s guest appearance on the Forza Football’s always great podcast. We talk about Sevilla’s season thus far, our transfer needs, and our expectations for the season (speaking of undying optimism, we predicted a Champions League finish).


You all know the drill–stop by before the game to discuss predictions, preferred lineups, etc, and then during the game to celebrate the goals and domination we are sure to see. Vamos mi Sevilla.