seriously? our last minute moves were unloading Romaric to Espanyol for 1.5 or so million and loaning out Bernardo.

really? are they banking on Rakitic providing cover for Kanoute?  let me just say that if anything at all happens to Negredo we are in VERY serious trouble.

fine, maybe you felt that a big name like Ruiz, dos Santos, or Dempsey was out of our price range, but was there really no one who we could bring in for around 2-3 million to provide some cover and prevent a worst case scenario of starting a del Moral/Rakitic front line?

suddenly it feels hard for me to feel very confident that ownership is intent on winning let alone getting back in the CL instead of covering its losses in the very short run.  i’ll bet right now (and would love to lose this bet) that at some point before the january transfer window, this move WILL cost us points in the standings…

how can we possibly unload all of our strikers without the commitment of making sure we have someone lined up for cover?  count me as pissed off.