Why the sky hasn’t fallen… yet…

Look. I’m as pissed, frustrated, and disappointed by this recent loss as anyone. But I don’t think its NECESSARILY catastrophic, and I don’t think it was our last chance to get into the champs league.

When I wrote the last post, proclaiming that the Getafe game was the game of the season, I assumed that Mallorca would make short work of Malaga. And to be honest, I had a tough time imagining a Sevilla win over Getafe. So I feared that Mallorca would find itself another 2-3 points further ahead of us, for what would have been a 4-5 point, and nearly insurmountable, lead.

What happened? Malaga gave us the gift of life. Holding Mallorca to a tie meant that even after our devastating loss, we’re still just 2 points back. So the -1 on the week was actually better than the -2/-3 that I feared going into the weekend.

Now also, we have to keep in mind our remaining schedules. Whereas previously I felt that we had the harder of the two remaining schedules, that has now flipped. We each play a game which I expect us to lose (us v. Barcelona, them v. Real Madrid), and three others. However, while our home game against Atletico will be tricky, our two away games are very winnable (Santander and Almeria) whereas there’s are more difficult (Bilbao and Deportivo).

So what am I getting at? If we can win our last three non-Barcelona games, we’ll be back in the Champions League. Mallorca will not win both of those away matches, and even if its a tie for them so that they finish with 7 points out of their last 4 games, if we can finish with 9 points, that will put us tied on points, and into the Champs League on head to head tie breaker.

What we need to do is to turn this tough loss and bitter taste into results.

I’m not venturing a guess at this point as to what I think WILL happen, but I’m saying that if this team wants it, it can still get back into the big dance.

But that battle starts at home in a battle against Atletico… And if we don’t manage to win THAT game, then the sky might very well have fallen.