Who’s the Captain?

We’ve pretty much seen a complete overhaul of this team.  With the latest news that our team’s leader, captain, and Europa League star Coke is leaving (for next to nothing), we’ll need a new leader.

And before I go on, lets all pause to appreciate that though he wasn’t always the most talented player and sometimes did annoying boneheaded things, he ALWAYS played his face off and always was dedicated to this team.  By all accounts he was loved by his teammates and gave absolutely everything he could both on and off the pitch.  I wish you the very best in Germany next year Coke.

But back to the captaincy… It’s an odd situation because most of the old players are gone at this point and we are clearly implementing an entirely new system.

But I’d still think that the next captain will be one of the returning guys…. Right?  I mean, it has to be…. Right?

By my count that leaves us with this list of returning first team players (for now): Iborra, Rico, Soria, Vitolo, N’zonzi, Rami, Kolo, Escudero, Carrico Tremo, Pareja, MKD, and Mariano.  I’m gonna trim the list down a bit to Carrico, Iborra, Rico, Vitolo, Rami, and Tremoulinas.

Who do you think should be the main captain?  And alternate captains?

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PS. Thank you to Edinho who noticed I initially forgot Carrico.  I’m an idiot.