He who dares, wins: Sevilla FC – Atlético Madrid

So this is it then.  Are you ready? MonchisMen are ready. It’s an all new website with new gadgets and lots of new features in the pipeline. To celebrate, Monchi has done likewise, following our heroic lead and completely revamped the entire squad.

Stretched before us will be thirty-eight league games plus two more competitions.  And for as long as Sevilla remain in UEFA, we avoid the Monday night games.  Can you stand the tension?   Will it end in triumph, tears or tantrums?

Who is going to kick the chairs and water bottles?  The answer is, we just don’t know. So keep your predictions coming, even (or especially) the outrageous ones.

We have the most transformed squad in the history of top flight football. Monchi has torn up the rulebook and written a new chapter titled “He who dares wins”.   After preseason we’re all excited for and anticipating a return to a dynamic attack and entertaining football.  It will be refreshing to see an offense that has the potential to be multidimensional in ways we haven’t seen in years.

Today we face our mortal enemy.  Why do I hate Atleti so much?  No particular reason.  But we can be sure that if we hope to return to the Champions league, we’ll be in direct competition with them for the entire season.  These three reports could be the difference between CL and Europa, or Europa and mediocrity.  Will they be as dangerous as they were last year now that Falcao has moved on?

I also ask myself, how is this team going to play in the Sanchéz Pizjuán?  We have the best team.  Del Nido, Monchi and Emery, what could possibly go wrong?

Iborra, if you get to play, pass the ball to that Argentinian on the wing, or the Chilean, we’ll understand if you don’t know their names yet. Rakitic, you have the responsibility, Perotti, you have the talent. Rabello, you have goal.

It only remains for me to wish all you Monchis a very happy and successful season.