While we’re still pissed…. Player grades!

OK.  First game of the season.  And undoubtedly no reason to panic.  As others have said, a point away at Puta Malaga is not a terrible result.  But that was terrible.  I’m not sure what was going on creating A LOT of danger in the first 20 minutes and then playing more or less like trash for the remaining 70.  Maybe we thought we could just coast through on the strength of our squandered early opportunities.  Obviously still a little pissed.

  1. Beto: 8 – He actually had a very good game.  Some slightly sloppy rebounds but stopped all shots and some of them were not easy.
  2. Coke: 5 – Didn’t contribute to the attack and didn’t defend particularly well.  Had some intensity at least…  I guess.
  3. Rami: 6.5 – Solid from what I saw.
  4. Krycho: 5.5 – Maybe this is harsh because he’s playing out of position and played OK.  But he had an open header that he really could’ve/should’ve put on target.
  5. Tremo: 4.5 – First half better than the second.  Had a couple decent balls but mostly was sloppy passing.
  6. Iborra: 5 – Hard to say.  He was very quiet but was playing DM.
  7. Nzonzi:  2.5 – I thought he was OK in the first.  Then he decided to go all idiot and pick up inexcusable yellow cards.  See you in the Copa del Rey and hopefully not a moment before then.
  8. Banega: 5.5 – Some good combinations with Vitolo but didn’t get the final nice pass together.
  9. Vitolo: 6 – I thought perhaps our best attacking player.  Active, good combinations, only one real clear shot that I wish he hadn’t blasted at the keeper, but was our most threatening.
  10. Reyes: 3.5 – He looked bad to me.  Slow.  Sloppy passing.  Mediocre set pieces.  Not a threat.
  11. Gameiro: 2 – Wow.  Gameiro.  You’re my boy.  But you were terrible.  You can’t miss THREE clear chances like that.  The life of a striker I suppose…  Maybe another day he gets all three of them.  But we needed one of those (refer to 0-0 score line).
  12. Mariano 2 Bad debut.  Two horrible giveaways that each could’ve been goals and overcommited on challenges that led to other Malaga opportunities.  Wasteful passing.
  13. Kono+Immobile – Not enough time to say.

Gross.  Let’s hope Atleti and Valencia both lose.