Which RM is coming to town?

Tomorrow RM comes to town in a game that will be pretty crucial for us, and pretty meaningless for them. With 5th, 6th, and 7th places all separated by a mere point, Sevilla really needs every point they can get their hands on, but RM is in a considerably different place, as last place in the big two race is still a guaranteed second place in La Liga. So which RM will we see?

  • Sad, defeated, embarrassed RM? After an absolutely exhausting and kind of catastrophic 3 weeks that saw the league title hopes go from “wishful thinking” to “you’re not serious, are you?” and the dream of the CL decima end for another year, RM gained a Copa (until they threw it under their bus) but lost the bigger titles and saw their credibility take a huge hit, with the entire team reduced to a scared tactics and sore losing. With nothing to play for, will RM come to town a broken, exhausted, and utterly beatable side?
  • Or, will the imperial forces from the capital come to the south with thoughts of revenge and pent-up aggression (against refs, probably) in their hearts? Will Pepe break legs harder, Di Maria dive more gracefully, Kaka sit on the bench more resolutely, CR throw his arms and make the pouty face with more frustration and conviction?

What do you guys think? Who’s coming to town tomorrow?