What is our strategy?

I’m a little surprised with who we’ve targeted so far in our midfield.  Not because any of them are bad signings, just because they don’t seem to match with the players we have who left.  So lets review:

Out: Mbia, Vidal, Deulofeu, Aspas.

In: Kakuta, Krohn-Deli, and still in the hunt for Konoplyanka.

Kakuta plays mostly on the left wing.  Krohn-Deli plays more centrally but generally is an attacker as well.  And Konoplyanka is an attacking player who prefers the left.  Monchi has said that KD could be used a bit further back, like Banega was occasionally used in more of a holding role.  But KD doesn’t seem like a good replacement for Mbia.  Perhaps Monchi/Emery feel like one of these guys can switch to the right side.  So what gives?  Whatever our strategy may be, I’m starting to wonder if there is an underlying tactical shift taking place as well.  It doesn’t seem like we’re bringing these guys in to be bench players, and though Emery does rotate the squad more than most, it just seems to me like there are more moves coming.

Or, is it possible that Barca really may be convincing us to give them back Suarez?  Maybe with a relative glut in the AM/wings, we’re using our leverage with Barcelona and Suarez to try and get access to one of their promising fullbacks.  Depending on the futures of Arribas, Coke, Diogo, and Navarro we could happily incorporate a talented young full back in pretty much any position.  Suarez played well for us, but at the end of the day he is now a player on a one year loan.  I hate one year loans.  Their eye is on the door before we hit winter break.  If the deal were reworked so we had a real option to buy (not one that Barca could just immediately trigger a buyback clause), then that’s different and makes investment more worthwhile.  But why should we not give all his minutes to Kakuta who, it sounds, will be with us for the next 4-5 years.

Anyway, so many possibilities.  What are your thoughts?  Am I overreacting?  Is this the right sized/depth of midfield if we bring in Konoplyanka?