Welcome Back: Sevilla – Osasuna Match Comments

Happy New Year, everyone! Even though Spain is yet to celebrate their holiday of the Three Kings, the holiday break ends today in La Liga, and to celebrate Sevilla is hosting a party at the RSP, to which Osasuna have been invited. Osasuna have not been informed that one of Sevilla’s New Year’s resolutions is beating the crap out of teams that come into the stadium, but hopefully by the end of the day everything will be made perfectly clear.

For the occasion Sevilla will be toting out the best thing they found under the tree (pre-Tres Reyes…one hopes there’s yet more presents to come) in the form of one completely healthy ankle fully attached to an also fully functional Jesus Navas. Should be quite a celebration, indeed–here’s a list of the invited:

Palop, Javi Varas, Martin Cáceres, Fernando Navarro, Dabo, Alexis, Escudé, Romaric, Navas, Zokora, Alfaro, Diego Capel y Renato, Luis Fabiano, Kanouté, Negredo, Acosta y Rodri.

No Fazio, no Perotti, no Konko, no Cigarini. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Dabo and Navas run big, lightning-fast circles around the entire right half of Osasuna’s team, and hopefully a final ball in coming from Navas and not so much Dabo. You may recall we ended 2010 on a very nice note, so let’s hope we get this new year off to a fantastic start.

Game’s at 2 ET–bring your extra grapes and let’s ring in the Liga new year the right way!