Weekend Preview

Everyone around here is very excited for the big contest going down at the RSP on Thursday, and of course it’s been a lot of fun seeing our president lead the league in both this huge issue and also just general bad-assery (seriously, some of the comments on this Marca article make me about as happy as I can be about Sevilla on an international break). But did you know that Sevilla also occasionally plays sports at that same stadium? It’s true! In fact, the “FC” in “Sevilla FC” actually stands for “fútbol club” and not “financial conscientiousness”, as had been rumored. (pause for laughter) Yes, La Liga returns this weekend, and Saturday’s slate is a doozy. I’ve got an itinerary to help you stay on top of the action:

At noon ET, Sevilla plays what has quickly become one of my favorite fixtures of the year at El Madrigal against my second favorite team in La Liga. Not only do both teams play entertaining soccer, and not only are they consistently great without petrodollars, bank dollars, or TV dollars to prop them up, they are of course also fast friends in the TV Revolution™. For extra fun, try this drinking game I just made up: take a shot every time the camera cuts to Del Nido and Roig in the stands to see if they’re making out or at least holding hands. (Take two shots if they ARE actually making out or holding hands). Actually, don’t play that drinking game–you’d be drunk before kickoff, and you’ll probably want to be fully conscious for longer than 20 minutes of what should be an excellent match. As a reminder (sorry submarine fans), Sevilla got the better of Villarreal 3 of the 4 times they played last year, despite Villarreal being pretty clearly the better side overall last year. Look for Rossi et al to come out guns blazing at home in an attempt to erase those results and last week’s drubbing at Barca from everyone’s memory.

After that, you’ve got a couple hours in which to read about the scoring records Barcelona set at Sociedad earlier in the day (on my quiniela I’ve got Messi getting into double digits). If you’re interested, the biannual A-squad/B-squad Madrid derby (also known as Real Madrid vs. Getafe) is on, so you can watch that to see if Kaka gets off the RM bench to play for Team Burger King at half time.

Then at 4ET, Atleti and Valencia square off. Atletico couldn’t score while hosting Osasuna in the first week, which has led Pateti president Enrique Cerezo to come to the shocking conclusion that they might miss Kün and Forlan this year after all. Falcao actually being worth 200 million (or whatever they paid) would be one solution to the problem, but taking on Valencia’s defense might be a simpler, more effective fix. Heck, if  (a newly Marcelino- and Gio-less) Racing can put 3 past Los Che, maybe even those couch-makers can score one or two. They’ll certainly need to if they want to keep up with Valencia’s current co-Pichichi Soldado, who certainly didn’t appear to miss Mata too terribly while scoring 4 against poor, poor Racing.

Anyway, I’m sure lots of exciting news will happen between now and Saturday, and of course we’ll be on top of it, but for now take a minute to get psyched for a really great day of games.