Vote: Soldado?

Alright, things are slow.  I’m bored.  Let’s put this to a vote.

We are reminded that though a third striker may not get many minutes when #1 and #2 are healthy and performing well, we are just on groin pull away from expecting large contributions from our #3 striker.

Muñoz has again looked very good so far this preseason.  But he’s still young.  It arguably would be for him to be loaned somewhere where he can compete every day at a high level.  No more Sevilla Atletico for him.

The rumors for Soldado continue, though personally I don’t really believe that Monchi is likely to have any sincere interest (it just doesn’t make sense to me!).  But whatever, this is a democracy. What would you all like to see done with our third striker?

What would you like to see for our third striker option?

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