Villarreal – Sevilla Match Comments

I imagine the mood of these two teams will be quite different when they face off this weekend. Sevilla of course is coming off their debut which saw them play outrageously bad defense but outrageously great everywhere else on the field, and in the aftermath sort of becoming one of the biggest stories of pretty much anywhere in the early European season. Villarreal, however, is about to play their fourth game in 11 days, two of which were very difficult games that saw our Spanish friends eliminated from the Champions League at the hands of Monaco. So from the perspective of stamina, morale, momentum, etc, Sevilla I suppose is the favorite.


But of course “momentum” as a sporting phenomenon is mostly bullshit, and Villarreal is playing at home, and using very early season games as an indication of how a team’s going to play is often a fool’s errand. Also Pato looks like he’s going to be a great signing, and did I mention our defensive tactical approach thus far appears to simply be “please God don’t make us play defense”? So I don’t agree we’re favorites, and while I won’t put money on Sevilla winning tomorrow I am counting on being thoroughly entertained. Vamos!