Valladolid – Sevilla Match Comments


The stats keep rolling in and they continue to not flatter Sevilla. We’ve now won fewer away matches than any other team in Primera and fewer away matches than any team in Segunda. Just let that sink in for a while…

Ok, so life is dark for Sevilla on the road. This week we go to Valladolid to try our (bad, bad) luck. What will happen? Shit if I know! Maybe Negredo will bang in four. Maybe Beto and Kondogbia’s absence will be not the worst. Maybe new kid Israel Puerto will get some time at CB. Maybe Sevilla will play such overwhelmingly beautiful football that Valladolid fans will stand up and cheer us by match’s end. It’s also just as likely we’ll get an early red and go for the 0-0.

What say you? (you know what to say)