Valladolid – Sevilla Match Comments


La Liga is back with another great chance for Sevilla to end its (still ongoing) league away win drought. Our last away Liga win continues to be 24 September of 2012, a 0–2 win at Depor. That means the count is now up to 391 days, and if that’s not a record I’m going to go ahead and guess the company we’re keeping on that list are some pretty shitty teams (sorry, wour staff researcher at the Monchi’s Men head offices is on vacation so I’m reduced to just speculating what research would show me if I were to find it).

But this week our just-like-Navas-in-that-they-don’t-travel-well heroes head to Valladolid, a team that has shown just the right amount (lots) of mediocrity this year to be the perfect foil for Sevilla to end their streak. In 8 games, they have managed just one win while scoring 7 goals–that’s less than a goal per game! Perhaps even Sevilla’s porous defence (14 goals allowed thus far) can provide the resistance necessary for the boys up front to win a game. Unfortunately, they’ll have to do without a significant number of players, as our list of injuries has grown to now include: Fazio, Cicinho, Cherysev, Marin, Rakitic, M’bia, and Trochowski. And Pareja and Gameiro are still recovering from knocks. So many players, and so many of them important players, and so many of those important players from the middle of the pitch. Our injury woes are such that it’s being suggested that Perotti may play in the middle, or that Reyes plays there. Haha, after mentioning that possibility that article says “but his form is not the best” (emphasis added). If it comes down to a choice between those two, let’s hope we go with the man featured in the above image–his performance filling in for Rakitic will be key today.

So on the one hand, we are playing a pretty crappy team. But on the other hand, we are…kind of a crappy team with so many injuries and an unconvincing start to the season? Tune in later today to find out which crappiness is the crappiest! MAY OUR CRAPPINESS PREVAIL!

Oh and also “vamooooooo”.