Valencia vs Sevilla FC Match Comments

Sunday, La Liga, Sevilla at Valencia what’s gonna happen?

If you go with the norm for this La Liga season that answer is clear.  Sevilla travel to some team that they are probably ahead of in the table, play mostly uninspired football and leave with something less than three points.  Why would this game happening in the 38th week of the season have a different outcome?  There are a couple of reasons that Sevilla will come away from the Orange Blossom Coast with all three points.

The first thing going for Sevilla is that they are playing Valencia a team that has struggled mightily this season and find themselves only 6 points out of a regulation spot.  Valencia is  a team that recently bowed out to Athletic Bilbao in the Europa League on away goals and also canned their coach, Gary Neville in the last couple of weeks.  The formally Emery coached team has only won four games at home and have given up as many goals as they have scored at home.  Los Che have lost five of their last six games.

The second is that Sevilla just scored a very rare road victory on Thursday in the Europa League against an always inspired Athletic Bilbao squad that had just ended Valencia’s Europa League chances.  The team overcame an early injury to Tremoulinas to win 1-2 on goals by Kolo and Iborra.  The game saw a return of Fazio as he subbed on for the injured Tremo.  That move caused a shift to left back for Kolo who preformed very well in that role.  Fazio also preformed well after he settled down.

Will those two reasons equate to Sevilla’s first road win of this La Liga campaign?  I think so.

Notes from the team:

  • With the win in Bilbao, Unai Emery became Sevilla’s all time winning manager passing Joaquin Caparros.
  • Tremo has a grade one hamstring, I think those are typically around a 2-3 week healing period.
  • Will we see Llorente in this game?  I think he is starting to get very impatient according to some news reports.
  • The Feria is currently happening in Sevilla. For those that don’t know about this tradition, it is a huge party in the city.  Emery was quoted as saying as it relates to the team, “For us, the important of the week is the party morning, Thursday and next Sunday, the rest is for sevillistas. Our fair is to win and make happier all sevillistas “.
  • I’ll be posting the Emery interview in the next couple of weeks.

That’s all I have, Vamos!