Valencia v Sevilla Comments: vamos

When will the pain stop?  Seriously, I’m still pretty down about the Bilbao debacle.

But, whatever the reason, it happened, and there’s no going back.  And though my spirits aren’t anywhere near the heights they had reached last Thursday night, this team still has the chance to enter into this club’s annals of history and greatness.  We have an opportunity to achieve something huge.  Reaching the finals (and hopefully winning it) would be immense.

In case anyone forgot or didn’t notice, Valencia, just last round, overturned an even bigger deficit (0-3, though against a relatively weak Basel team).  They turned it around by winning 5-0 at home.  This team is going to attack us.  And they will do so with confidence and self-belief.  This could be a very uncomfortable game for us, particularly if the players are feeling at all as down as some of us fans are.

My preference is for us to just go and grab an early goal to settle this thing early.  Then again, Emery is probably resting Rakitic so he’ll be fresh for the critical Villareal clash this weekend….

Oops.  There I go sinking into bitter darkness again.  Fortunately, 5,000 rojiblanco supporters are traveling with the team to give them support, and can provide our proud warriors with a bit of an extra boost.  Hopefully, they’ll manage to pass some of our pain along to Valencia and their crappy fans so that they can hold onto it for us for a while.