Valencia – Sevilla Match Comments

As previously noted on this site, Sevilla are on the cusp of a remarkable feat: a loss at Valencia this weekend will mean the team has failed to win an away league game for an entire year. A phenomenal and truly historic accomplishment when you consider that the team has also managed to not only avoid relegation but also somehow qualify for European play in the midst of this streak.

But there’s still this one last chance, at Valencia, to avoid our year of traveling impotence. And while in recent years a trip to La Mestalla would hardly seem a good place for a last chance to get a result, Valencia have been pretty terrible this year. Did you see that mid-week beating from Swansea at home?!? They’re pretty clearly a team in crisis, I figured, so in the process of preparing this preview I checked the table to see where they were, and sure enough: 16th place, tied on points for second-to-last place. I chuckled at their misfortune (I can’t stand those guys, and it’s nice to laugh at someone worse off than you for once–ah, it was good to laugh after such a depressing start to a season that seemed so promising a few short weeks ago) and enjoyed the moment of schadenfreude until I happened to see who was below them in dead last, tied with no one: Sevilla, with 2 points, no wins, and a –3 goal differential from 4 games. Well.

So we have hit rock bottom already, it would seem (at least on the table); the only place to go from here is up. The question is when we start to moving–will it be Sunday, against a long-standing rival who’s desperate, wounded, and backed up against a wall? Or will it be…some later date, at home, against an easier opponent?

Here’s hoping for Sunday. VAMOOOOOOOO!!!!!!