Valencia – Sevilla

We’ve seen this before: today we travel to the Mestalla for a big Copa del Rey clash.

Valencia fans have not been too pleased with us recently, probably because we’ve had good results against them in the last few meetings, but also because it’s easier to harp on officiating mistakes and/or name call than deal with a loss in other ways. I don’t have a problem with them myself. In fact, I’m cheering on Valencia’s La Liga campaign whole-heartedly unless we’re playing them. As much grief as we’ve given Llorente for his spineless wiltings before the big two, I still hope the club can continue to challenge them in the standings.

2009’s meeting of these two teams featured lots of scoring and good football. Let’s hope for more of the same.

I’m on vacation right now, so a.) I have to cut this short, and b.) I won’t be able to watch any of the match.