Urn 3 – CL Draw

Looking at the Sevilla news today it seems that we should expect to be in urn 3 for the CL draw.  What does that mean?  Well, the top urn is saved for the seven major league winners.  And then, I believe, it starts to go by UEFA ranking.  So, in addition to the league winners, others like Man City, Arsenal, and Porto will all be ahead of us in priority for urn 2.

But apparently, we could still make urn 2 if any two teams out of Man United, Valencia, Basel, and Bayer Leverkusen fail to qualify from the play-in round.  That doesn’t seem entirely likely, but there’s a chance.  Of course what this really makes me wonder is this: HOW THE HELL IS VALENCIA RANKED AHEAD OF US?  Seriously.  How?  They didn’t even play in Europe this season.  They nicked us by a single point in La Liga.  How and why should they be ahead of us?

Figured I’d answer my own question…  The rankings go back the previous five seasons.  Sorry, I lost the headers from the original source.  But the total score is on the end, an the scores are our last five seasons in order.  So the bottom line is that our poor seasons in 11-12 and 12-13 really destroyed our score.  But fortunately, we’re on the rebound with two strongs seasons, though we’ll need to wait a full three before the bad 12-13 is off the books.

12Valencia CFValencia CF ESP 21.642 25.171 22.542 26.600 3.928 99.885
23Sevilla FCSevilla FC ESP 12.642 5.671 3.542 26.600 31.928 80.385

It’s also a little absurd that Zenit, who won the Russian league, will be in urn 1.  Anyway, no one said CL would be easy.  We could end up in a group with Juventus/Bayern/Chelsea/PSG and  Porto/Arsenal as the top two ranked teams.  Or we could find an easier path with Zenit and Basel as the top two teams.

All getting way ahead of ourselves, but it sure is fun to think about.