Update: All the news that’s fit to hurriedly summarize before I go to work

It’s been quite a week for los rojiblancos! I shall now attempt to fill you in on all of it while the dryer finishes my shirt:

  • If you somehow missed it, the club has fired Manzano after giving him 3/4 of a season to take over what they felt was a disastrous start from Alvarez (or was it Jimenez? Ugh, now we’re one of those clubs who has a new coach so often you forget the names of the old ones). I think that was a foolish move, but it would’ve been justified if they had a definite improvement lined up to take over…
  • But they didn’t, or at least not close enough, because Bielsa said “no thanks” to our offers, apparently saying our demands were too high. We’re now looking at the latest coach to have a pretty good season with a kind of bad team, Marcelino from Racing. It may be that this will be a huge improvement over Manzano, but if it is it’ll be because of luck, not smart signing. Which makes you wonder–if Sevilla wants to move beyond the promising coach who made a contender out of a doormat, will Del Nido and co need to reevaluate the “demands” that kept Bielsa away? If we want to be the powerhouse that fires coaches over 5th place finishes, we probably need to make offers that will be attractive to the next level of coaching talent. In any case, this should all be wrapped up in the next day or two, when Del Nido promises he’ll make an announcement about the next coach.
  • Everyone knew Zokora was on his way out, and so did he. He had a lot of options, but said he didn’t want to go to Turkey. Well, guess what? He’s going to Turkey for either 5 or 6 million, depending on who you talk to. Sorry, DZ. You were well-loved around these parts (mostly, anyway), and I hope you do great out there. Two additional notes: 1. we paid 10 million for him two years ago, and 2. the original word was that we’d hoped to also include Romaric in the deal, which evidently didn’t pan out.
  •  Sevilla have exercised the 3 million euro buyout clause for Cáceres, who had been on loan from Barcelona. Seems like a reasonable signing, as I doubt I’m the only one who felt at least one problem in the back this last year was a lack of consistency.
  • The exodus of legends from the most successful decade in the club’s history continues, as Renato has announced he’ll be leaving the club this summer. I don’t have time to do his exit justice, so for now read the linked article about his emotional good-bye, and maybe this summer we’ll give our departing legends a proper farewell.
  • In happier news, Sevilla Atletico overturned a 2-1 ida loss on Sunday, beating Real Unión 3-0 to advance to the next round of the promotion playoffs, where they’ll face Guadalajara this weekend.

I’m pretty sure there’s more news, but that’s what I can remember for now. Feel free to add more news items in the comments and react to these developments as well. What do you think of the coaching situation? The signings? The departures?