Unfinished Business: Sevilla v Mirandes – Comments

The matchup Gods were kind to us, giving us a relatively easy tie in our quarterfinal tie with Mirandes in the Copa del Rey.  We head to _____ (wherever they’re from) holding a  2-0 advantage.  And while a 2-0 lead may appear fairly comfortable.  As we know well, 2-0 is never a sure thing.  It’s an advantage that we had to fight a bit harder for than any of us might have liked or expected.  And, for those who haven’t been paying particularly close attention, in away matches our beloved Sevilla have been struggling just a liiiiiiittle bit, with many of these games showing some of our most aggravatingly inconsistent performances.  This is to say that this tie is not over.  If we want to make it to the semi finals and a step closer to another possible trophy, we can not afford even the slightest slip on Thursday.

For those who missed his hilarious whack-a-mole impersonation, Emery was ejected appealing the absurd double yellow to Vitolo only to pop up hiding underneath a bench later in the match.  The less funny part is that he will be suspended for two matches.  I don’t believe that effects Copa del Ray matches, but I’m sure it has him extra fired up (if that’s even possible).

The team is likely exhausted after their hard fought 0-0 draw away at Atleti.  There will undoubtedly be considerable rotation as already guaranteed by a team list that leaves out Banega, Krohn-Deli, and Tremoulinas.

The full team list is: Sergio Rico, David Soria, Coke, Mariano, Carriço, Rami, Kolo, Escudero, Cristóforo, Krychowiak, N’Zonzi, Iborra, Vitolo, Reyes, Konoplyanka, Kakuta, Juan Muñoz, Llorente, and Gameiro.

A final note: We really did enjoy debating the Atleti match didn’t we!?  In totally unrelated news, please reference our new site rules and keep up the great comments.  Without all of your contributions, this site would be garbage.