UCL: Sevilla – Juventus

One more round of UCL dreams for our heroes in Nervión tonight–a night that has me thinking about Sevilla pride. ¡Orgullo del Sevilla! This photo is from a pride festival up at the Puerta de la Macarena. What fun! What pride!

As far as Sevilla FC pride is concerned, you can bet the tifo and himno will be as full of pride as they have been all season for our final bow out of the Champions League this year. There are still opportunities at stake, however. The Europa league lingers as an opportunity for us to possess as our own once again should we finish third in our group ahead of Gladbach. Is that desirable still or do we prefer to simplify our lives this season and focus more on La Liga and CdR? You tell me!

Our list of 19 for the match tomorrow includes Tremoulinas and Banega, so expect some danger on the left unless Emery prefers to give Escudero a run on the bigger stage. Evra and Mandzukic are not traveling with Juve due to injury, and old friend Martín Cáceres will also be at home in Turin with what many are reporting as a strained man bun.

Who do we think is in our best lineup tomorrow? Does Banega start? Are we interested in fighting our way back through Europa League or trying to find some consistency in La Liga?

(One note for fans attending the game: they are opening the stadium for fans half an hour earlier than usual to accommodate more thorough security procedures, so if you are concerned about not getting in the stadium for the big sing-a-long, definitely get there when they open the gates at 18:45.)

Orgullo! Sevilla! Vamos!