Turns out we’re playing a match today!

In what may be considered as surprise to most of us here, it turns out that our beloved Sevilla are playing a match, RIGHT NOW!

Yes, there is nothing to play for and…..  No.  No “and” there is literally no reason to care about this match.  Although!  We have seen players like Cicinho get career ending injuries in the final match of the season.  And it is our sendoff of Sampaoli, for whom most of us have mixed feelings.  Maybe the last time Vitolo and N’zonzi suit up for us?  (Vitolo has apparently already scored).


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  2. A fiesta of goals that will probably only end up one-sided, as opposed to our opening match vs Espanyol. I’ll have absolutely no sympathy for Sirigu no matter how much we score today. I’m still bitter about that red card at San Mamés.

    The boys are having fun out there. You can just watch how N’Zonzi is pinging the ball around with ease and his usual nonchalance. This is one to simply enjoy (without the madness that may surround the aftermath.)

  3. Weird formation. Only one centerback. Mudo has finally regained his form over the last month.

  4. Looking like a 5-0 win. Great way to sign off the season! 72 points and our home form has been immense. Just the 1 loss and great to score 5 on last game. For me, sampaoli has done well for us, got us top 4, last 16 of champions league and we played some entertaining football.

    I will miss him and I wish him well at Argentina. He did a good job for us and hopefully we can build on this successful season and got another passionate and top manager. Will look forward to seeing the highlights to this game and seems especially Vitolo and Vasquez shined.

    1. Don’t forget that this was the season with record signing expenses and Sampaoli had the possibility to have proven players like Nasri, Jovetic and Mudo in his team, among others, something that Emery didn’t have for instance.

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    5-0! glad we had a big win (not that i saw any of it). 2 from vitolo, 2 from mudo, and 1 from jovetic. and thus closes the Sampaoli era.

  6. Great way to end the season. Vitolo had a fine performance. Perhaps much was due to a poor Osasuna, but overall the players put on a show for the fans. MKD gotta a nice round of applause when substituted around the 80′. It kinda looked like a farewell, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay. Dude looked like he was ready to play another 50+ games for us.

    Sure, the season is over, but the off-season has officially begun. It comes with both excitement and anxiety. Vitolo already had to answer questions post-match about a possible sale. Only time will tell.

  7. I was a little surprised that Sampaoli disappeared down the steps to the dressing room quicker than a rat up a drain pipe at the final whistle. I thought he could have at least
    acknowledged the fans by giving us a goodbye wave.

    1. Of course… everyone regards Atleti as the more serious and bigger club. Wouldn’t be surprised if Vitolo sacrifices by signing with them and only training until January, when their ban is removed.

    2. ugh, now our stars are being poached by teams in the same league. But they may be losing Greizmann so why not grab Sevilla’s main attacking threat and hurt them in the process. I really hope the gears are in motion for some signings, the squad is seriously imbalanced with too many uncertainties.

      In other news #1, Tremou has bid farewell to Sevilla saying he will leave, which leaves us with one senior left back in escudero, reinforcement needed

      In other news #2, there’s been a book written on Monchi’s reign at Sevilla, It’s called El Metodo Monchi and I hope there’ll be an English version soon as I really want to read into Monchi’s way of operating in today’s overblown transfer market.

      1. Oops… got confused and messed up. Who would’ve thought that there is a Sevillista at Harvard. Definitely will have to find him/her and bring them at MM.

  8. Freaking AFA is asking Sevilla to discount the 1.5 million. Castro’s response, “Hey AFA – Fuck off!” Well that’s not a true quote, but it should have been.

  9. And Sampaoli is talking about paying part of it himself. AFA are cheap.

    Navas has officially been released by MANC. Soon he will be back in his true colours in his rightful city.

  10. Any thoughts on Sampaoli reign? Short but many positives. If is heart isn’t here it is best he leaves. Shame as up until Feb we were up there with the best in Europe. Thanks a great season I would say..

    1. Missed feelings. I appreciate the passion, and of course the fourth place finish. I don’t appreciate the way he handled the media attention about being linked to AFA and Barcelona. I don’t appreciate him playing an under whelming player so much in a key position. I don’t appreciate him not settling on a dedicated PK taker.

  11. Silly season’s in full effect. We’ve been linked with several players already, but nothing gets done till we lock down the new manager (looking like Berizzo.)

    As always, a lot will depend on who leaves. Can we all agree that N’Zonzi is pretty much a shoe-in for an exit? Shend, I’m sure you mentioned Juve had a deal made behind the scenes, hence the lack of rumours for him. So far our list of replacements have included Roque Mesa, Lucas Torreira (Sampdoria), Marcos Llorente (Alavés) & Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg). I think the most ideal out of those is Torreira, w/ a release clause at €12M. The others might be overpriced due to what the market was like last year.

    A few questions i wanted to pose for y’all… If Vitolo ends up leaving, who would be an ideal replacement for that inside-LW position? I don’t think Correa’s ready for a starting role. Also, what is everyone’s take on Mudo & Ganso? Should we keep or move forward with them?

    1. Hmm.. Vitolo’s case will be quite interesting this summer. I really hope he doesn’t leave, but Correa, even though definitely not 100% ready to replace him, has lately shown glimpses of brilliance that might be a potential substitute for Vitolo. However, I hope the management recognizes the fact that beside Correa, we will need another similar or even better winger to fully replace Vitolo. Vitolo is now an undisputed starter even for the Spain NT and it would be a huge loss for the team, should he decide to leave.

      As for N’Zonzi, there were rumors circulating that he had an agreement with Juve, and you’re right, it might be the cause that there are no other rumors as of now. Juve are definitely missing Pogba and someone that knows what to do with the ball in the midfield, so N’Zonzi would be a great asset for them and their philosophy of play. Just imagine, they are about to reach the treble with the likes of Khedira, Lemina, Pjanic in the midfield. With N’Zonzi they will be in another level.

      For N’zonzi’s replacement, Torreira wouldn’t be bad, but that would mean a huge drop in quality and back to the drawing board. I think someone like Roque Mesa and/or Luiz Gustavo would suit us more. That, along with all the transfers etc. will hugely depend on the next coach that we will have at the club. If Berizzo comes, I have a feeling that he will take one or two peeps at Celta, and perhaps we will see Wass in a Sevilla shirt this summer.

  12. Sevilla Atletico now mathematically secured the Segunda for at least another season with tonight’s draw vs. Cadiz (3:3).


  13. Huddersfield town is the 3rd team that joins EPL through the play-offs after Newcastle and Brighton&Hove doing so directly through The Championship.

    Believe it or not folks, Huddersfield (perhaps the other 2 teams as well) are reported to get around 200 million Euros for joining EPL. What a disgrace to football. Just imagine what Sevilla could do with a budget of 200 million Euros in any point in the history of the club, just… wow!

  14. hmmmm not payin the 13m euros for jovetic. i guess im a little sad/disappointed about this. he wasn’t consistently incredible, but he was consistently pretty damn good.

    the offseason begins…. hmmmm….

    1. This is a bad sign. Not that Jovetic should absolutely be a part of the team for the next season, but this somehow indicates that there won’t be much expenses this summer and we will sell some key players, while we will either not replace them at all or replace them with mediocre signings like in the past.

      Hopefully I’m wrong, but with refusing to pay 13 million euros for a proven player that could do very well in a more pragmatic system with a new coach, it is not something that a Sevillista would be looking forward to.

      I’m fearing a repeat of the pre-Emery era where we could barely finish 9th.

      1. profit over wins? Is Castro satisfied with 4th and his 3 Europa trophies? Is it hardball to get Jovetic for less or does a Lucas Perez fit into the mix at a fairly cheap rate?

  15. £13M for a Champions league team is not crazy money. He came in straight away and fitted in. Every team needs a star player, I thought he was quality. A second year after more adaptation and working under a more seasoned and stable coach would of better too. Im not sure what direction or strategy the club will lead. We are now an established top 5 club in Spain. If we dont maintain the quality of signings look what will happen, Shendm is right, it is not to long ago we were a mid table team that was even with Monchi. Does the group think we will continue on the South american / argentina recruitment drive? I must admit good value can be had in this market. I think more dynamic midfielder would help this year like R Mesa. Also we need probably two decent strikers. If we sell Vitolo and Nzonzi for £60M. That should fund Jovetic easy? If we are not to sign him, why bring him in the first place? Any thoughts on the new manager situation?

  16. I’m not going to jump to conclusions about what we may or may not spend this summer yet. Jovetic was good for us but maybe they have other options they are looking at. I have heard plenty of rumours for attacking players that may come in. Just because we don’t take a purchase option on someone doesn’t mean we don’t have someone as good or better lined up.

    It’s early days and as always I’m sure we will be plenty active in this. I don’t believe Castro for one second thinks we can just fall jnto champions league places every year and clearly that’s his target.

    1. Not sure if there will be established players that could fit well in the team like Jovetic, for 13 million euros. I’d like to believe that they have someone better lined up, but honestly, that’s too good to be true.

      1. Also don’t forget, its not just 13 million we have to pay. From what I understand Jovetic has pretty high wage demands, and this may well be what is holding the club back from a permenant signing of him, not so much just the 13 million.

  17. It wise to get a new manager in before signing players. From what I understand the new manager is all but confirmed.

  18. The Jovetić news saddens me. He was THE guy for us in the 2nd half of the season. Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but what it tells me is that we aren’t ready for a title challenge and the plan is make this a slow build. So that means Top 4 is the main objective for now — a.k.a. the Arsenal approach. There are still others who can fill that position to meet our expectations. We’re linked with several players, but I want to see who comes into the picture once Berizzo signs (possibly tomorrow.) We all remember that noticeable shift in targets once Sampaoli took over last summer.

    As always, our transfer season will depend heavily on who leaves (and already left.) So currently, we need players at LB, CM (2), and ST. I hope we at least make an upgrade at CB, and promote a canterano or 2. Something ought to happen with Marc Gual, cause I doubt he stays in the Segunda next season.

    Out of the players in the market, I got my eye on Nolito and where he’ll end up. Apparently he’s looking to return to Spain. Atlético is out of the running due to the transfer ban. Celta may be the frontrunners for him, but a reunion with Berizzo doesn’t sound that bad to me. Yes, that’s yet another Man City loanee perhaps, but this time we have a young Correa who we’re grooming for that spot. All this is of course a Vitolo contingency plan, cause I’ll take him over any winger out there.

  19. Atletico rumored to be ready to pay 100 million Euros for Belotti in January, while we are refusing to pay 13 million for Jovetic.

  20. I don’t believe Sevilla have abandoned the idea of Jovetic, but there are several clubs interested and Sevilla are not going to get into an auction situation. They just want Jovetic at a smaller price.