tumbleweeds…. and Sevilla v. Valencia preview

my goodness this site goes dead silent when this team plays like garbage.  and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing lately.  playing like pure, filthy, unrecycled garbage.

its not that they couldn’t play well if they wanted to.  we’ve seen them do battle and come out ahead of some of the world’s very best teams.  its just that, they dont necessarily feel like it every game.  or maybe emery doesnt get the tactics right every game.  or maybe they’ve been weary from international duty.  or maybe we’ve just never settled with so many injuries.

whatever the issue (or issues), im needing to dig deep for this team.  the inconsistency is crazy-making and im already pretty deep into the crazy at this point.  would anyone be surprised if valencia come in and thrashed us 0-3?  would anyone be surprised if we thrashed valencia 3-0?  would anyone be surprised if we thrashed valencia 3-0 then lost to logrones 0-3 midweek?  me neither.

i just hope we figure our shit out quickly.  the truth is that, if we could win this match we’d be just one point, that’s right ONE solitary point behind valencia in the table.  we even have a non-zero chance of remaining in european football if those dirty german bowel movements slip up and we decide to show up against juve.  i just am tired from getting hopeful and then disappointed.

win this one guys.  win it convincingly.  and then do it again midweek.  and then again next week.  then maybe i’ll get my mojo back.

here’s my best guess at emery’s lineup:

andres palop

dani alves- mosquera – squillaci – moreno

zokora – gary medel

renato – maresca – diego capel



ps. i just want to thank “Free Lil Wayne Shirt”, “Abigail”, and “Ladygagashirt2u” for all of their recent contributions to the discussion.  thanks guys!  glad you’re so passionate about La Liga TV Revenue Distribution!