Transfer Day Deadline

An away win yesterday means we’ve got 4 points, an undefeated start to the season, and at any rate slept overnight in 3rd place on the table. But of course today could be even more decisive for the club: that’s right, it’s the last day of the transfer deadline.

There’s been enough action from the offices at the RSP already, and enough holes left behind, and enough smoke and rumors, to suggest that we may see a bit of activity yet this summer. There’s a few unwanted Sevilla players who yet need to find a home, a few players around the globe who may yet find a home at the RSP, and there’s always last-minute big-money offers to break our hearts by stealing away a Bacca.

The main interest here is Sevilla, of course, but feel free to also comment on moves around Eruope. Especially if it’s about former Sevilla players (if Negredo ends up in Madrid or Valencia or Atletico or…well, there are a lot of places I hope he doesn’t go.)

Anyway, whatever happens, this is your place to post your predictions, observations, frustrations, and possibly just despair at missed opportunities or deep cuts to the squad. Deposit emotions here, basically.