Training, Friday Sept. 21

[Our friend Tim of has returned to the Ciudad Deportiva today for more scouting during today’s training activities.]

Training Session 10:00 a.m.

Friday 21/9/12

Ciudad Deportiva, Sevilla.

Absent: Medel, Cicinho.

Great, I’ve just watched Sevilla v Sevilla without any Real Madrids or Rayo Vallecanos trying to spoil the party. I still feel like I’m walking on clouds having seen such talent at work. Very entertaining and interesting, especially if you are interested in training techniques. But before I bore you with techniques I’ll give you the juicy bits you are all waiting for.

Spectacular goal, chileno (overhead kick) by Negredo from 8 yards out. Great goal by Babá who rounded López and scored from a difficult angle. Navas scored a replica of a recent goal where Reyes threaded a pass through the entire opposing defense, leaving Navas with the task of beating the goalkeeper.

Perotti didn’t have much possession early in the game and I was starting to think he wasn’t up to speed, but later he proved me wrong. He took three runs into the penalty area which would have resulted in penalties with a twitchy referee. Perotti is back, and he’s dangerous. Some great shooting too, stopped only by great goalkeepers, one shot from Rakitic was from almost the centre of the pitch and it was going to enter until López tipped it over.

The first game was 15 minutes with the pitch set at half size (Fazio helped move the goalposts). The second game was with the pitch set at threequarter size. In this game, all dead balls were returned to López who aimed his goal kicks at Reyes. With Navarro and Kondogbia in support, Reyes was tasked with producing a wing attack.

In the main game the pitch was set at full size. The dial was turned up to maximum for intensity and quality. It was a quality game, great football with very few errors and nobody limped off injured (hooray). I’m starting to feel that Sevilla are once more destined to be giants.

Medel did the press conference, no mention of injury, perhaps he and Cicinho are working in the gymnasium. If so, that would mean that Sevilla have the enfermería empty at a vital stage of the season.