Tottenham: Dream Crushers

Remembering Barcelona blogs that have routinely accused clubs of standing in the way of players’ “dreams” of coming to their team.

New reports are that Gio is stuck in a Big Ben-sized pickle: he wants to leave London, and Tottenham doesn’t want him to stay; Sevilla wants him, but Tottenham rejects bids for him. Good idea, u gize!!

Gio was courted by a few sides this summer, but said several times that it would please him to play for Sevilla. I would expect the Barca fan base, so concerned with players’ dreams in the past (Cesc, Sánchez, Afellay) to be posting about this development very soon. Where is the Dream Police? Here’s a copy/paste of a recent assessment of the Arsenal/Barcelona/Cesc menage a trois mud fight, with the teams and names changed:

“Gio wants to leave. What is the point of keeping him? But Tottenham don’t want to ‘lose’ in this deal. So it’s X number or get lost, which is their right. But that right makes them no less stupid.”

Tottenham! You, dream crushers and overall poor business practitioners!! It is shameless for you to hold onto him any longer now that he’s made it clear he wants to leave. Why pay a player when you don’t intend to use him? It’s silly. Let him live his dream!