Today It Begins (Taking off Like Fireworks)

So. The season effectively starts today with the first leg of the Supercopa de España, a game at home in Sevilla to kick off our frenetic two weeks of games that directly lead to either silverware or the most prestigious competition in Europe. No biggie.

Our opponents are last year’s league champions and one of the front-runners for current best team in the world. You may have heard about the small athletics and footballing concern in Catalunya; it’s been causing quite a stir in some sporting circles, and many of their players have been noted to perform quite well at their chosen profession.

But a shocking number of those very good players (all the Spanish internationals plus a few others, to be exact) are not making the trip today because they’ve trained with the team all of two times. And Pinto, their second keeper, is injured, which means in their goal will be one of two people you’ve never heard of before. That makes this game the perfect opportunity for Sevilla to bring everything we’ve got against a weakened Barca side and decide this tie a game early a la last year’s Copa del Rey matchup. It’s also the perfect opportunity for Barcelona to show off the next crop of hungry-to-perform, soon-to-be-stars from the cantera (and evidently there’s the small matter of a certain small Argentine to deal with as well), so this will by no means be a walk in the park, and obviously our mid-week games against Braga mean more to us than this cup would, so we may be holding a bit back ourselves. Personally, I hope we come out all guns blazing today so we can ease up next week if need be, but I’ll be happy with any W, especially one in which they score 1 or less.

Games’s at 3:30 EDT. Come on by and let your thoughts be known!

And, after a summer of waiting: ¡¡¡VAMOS MI SEVILLA!!!