Tidbits: Varas, Negredo, Rumors

Been a while.  As a non-European, I REALLY have a tough time caring at all about international break.

But thought I’d throw this up as a place holder:

1) Negredo extended!  (did we ever even discuss that?)

2) Varas extended!

3) Negredo slow to recover from injury (subtext: why don’t we have a GD backup!?!?!)

4) Stupid rumors about other people we may be interested in: Morata… Gio, obviously…

5) Perotti is interested in becoming Spanish since Argentina is inexplicably snubbing him.

6) FINALLY a game this weekend!!!  We need to win this one.  Its one of those “here is how you blow it” type of games.  And can’t take it for granted.

7) Our defense has let in the least goals of anyone in La Liga.

Discuss.  Back to studying for me.