Tidbits: Romaric, Alfaro, Medel, Gio?, and the Blog

1) Romaric and Alfaro are still on the team.  Which doesn’t seem like a good thing for anyone.  Romaric had  weird situation where Bursaspor and Sevilla had an agreement (for a measly 1.9million) the player and the team had an agreement, and yet for some reason they pulled out.  So I don’t know what we do with Romaric.  Alfaro is interested in Mallorca, but its still taking some time.  And the summer moves along.

2) Medel will finally start playing in our next friendly!  Yay!  Someone getting healthy!  On that note, has anyone heard anything about Guarente?  What is his status?

3) Giovanni…  I was sure they were just waiting until August struck so Tottenham wouldn’t have to give 10% to Barcelona.  Guess I was wrong.  What’s the hold up?  Are they getting other offers and entertaining them?  Everything about him has been totally silent.  And if he’s going to join us, he should so so soon.  The season is getting closer and closer.

4) The Blog: I just want to say how great it is to see so many people coming to the blog.  The blog has really made it a lot more fun for me to be a fan and its really fun seeing it grow. Since most of you can’t see the blog stats that wordpress puts up, I’ll maybe try and show more later, but I’ll give a quick stat.  In June of 2010, when the season was over and two months after we started this blog, we had 457 views in the whole month.  This year we had triple that in June with 1,459.  Those are readers who have come to the blog while games aren’t even being played!  And this month, August, just six days into the month and we already have almost as much as that June with 436.  Overall we’ve had 21,500 views and 4,000 comments. Some day we can have a full conversation and post about blog growth/future.  Anyway, that will have to be later.   So its just to say that I think its exciting seeing this community grow and having so many people come by, visit, comment, and contribute.  Yay!  Monchi’s Men!