Tidbits: Reason for pessimism?

I read this really interesting blog post that I wanted to pass along.  http://elsevilla.lavanguardia.es/notes/23994-campana-2011-2012-i-de-que-estamos-haciendo-mal

Given my very poor Spanish I can’t follow all of it.  But it makes some main points: 1) Dissatisfaction with the management of players (overpaying for not great ones, not finding places for guys we’re loaning to go, underselling good ones…) 2) Lack of progress in being a viable economic entity.  3) Constant medical problems plaguing our team and some of our best players. 4) A poor job of attracting new fans and developing the fan base.

Disclaimer.  That was me trying to summarize an article in a language I don’t speak that I read over a week ago.  So go check it out yourselves and correct everything I’m wildly off the mark on.  But it was a good article as I remember it…

Other notes (some of which are very related to the article):

1) Rakitic seems to still be having trouble getting healthy.   Gonna be another 1-2 months.  Crap.

2) Romaric seems to have found a Turkish team, though the numbers for his sale have ranged from 1.5 million euro to 4.5…  The low end of that is BAD.  The high end is more acceptable.  We’ll see.

3) Acosta will be loaned to Racing for the year for 600,000 euros.  I think that’s great news.  No clause for them to buy him, so hopefully he plays a lot, blossoms and then we can go from there.  Did you guys know we paid 7million euros for him?!  I didn’t.  Or had forgotten.  Insanity.

4) No news on Gio.  My money is that he is officially signs within a week for a reasonable fee.  Knock on wood.

That’s it for now.  Read the article I linked to!  What are your thoughts?