Tidbits – Euro and other news

Pretty good match between two of Europe’s biggest.  Navas came on in the 65th minute and on the whole was very active and involved.  Aside from one or two crosses which could have been more precise, I thought he had a nice came, causing more trouble down the right side than David Silva had managed before getting replaced.

Also, Fabregas started and played pretty well, finishing Spain’s only goal.  But later in the match, Negredo was snubbed and instead Torres came on for some offensive spark.  Torres was HORRIFIC.  He blew about three good chances (one of them a one on one with Buffon fed in by our very own Jesus Navas).  He also managed to pick up a yellow in his limited minutes.  I’m hoping that this means that Negredo will now be ahead of him in the queue.  Depending on tactics I think there is a good chance that we see Negredo starting on Thursday against Ireland.

Right now, I’m half watching Rakitic and Croatia play Ireland.

And finally, in a small piece of financial news, apparently, because he played a whopping total of 9 minutes for Arsenal this season and Arsenal qualified for the Champions League.  Squillaci earned us a gift of 250,000 Euros.  So that’s nice.

Anyway, go Sevillistas!

Oh, and in bad news, I guess Medel got in trouble with the Chilean team and has gotten kicked off the team (am I understanding that correctly?  Could someone with better Spanish clarify that?) after he was caught out late clubbing…  That sucks.  He’s never been a trouble-maker with us…