1. I’m undecided about the Valencia-Atletico outcome.  Although its annoying that Valencia picked up a point, its great that Atletico dropped two.  Being within 5 and 6 points of 3rd and 4th might be better for us in the end than 4 and 8 points behind.  Especially with Atletico a little out of form lately and still competing hard in the CL…  You never know.
  2. Deulofeu and Reyes are probably livid about not playing.  But Vidal, Banega, and Vitolo are playing too damn well right now.  I don’t think it’s been the case of either Deulofeu or Reyes not playing well, it’s just that these other guys are playing better.
  3. With Deulofeu’s attitude seemingly a bit sour (some comments about doubting he’ll be back next year and other displeasure with not playing) I wonder if there is also a degree to which Emery no longer is interested in investing in him.  This might explain why Suarez is still getting some appearances despite fairly unimpressive form.
  4. I am really glad we improved Vitolo’s contract.  He is in just insane form.  I’m starting to get worried someone will try and buy him away from us.  Anyone know what his release clause is at?
  5. Missing Iborra and Krycho for next match is annoying.  Those were super soft yellows.  But at least it is a home match against Elche (hopefully I didn’t jinx us).  We have to be able to win that match without them.

Anyway, excited for the game Thursday though I won’t be able to see more than 15 minutes of it.  Hoping we can get a good result and take control of the tie.  Cheers everyone.