Gio: Still some rumors suggesting that he might be headed towards us.  But I assume we need to wait for the Copa to be finished.  Mexico won’t progress to the next round, so his participation should be nearing a finish. It will be interesting to see if other offers come in for him, given his good performance in the Gold Cup.  I’m not sure if he’s done as well in South America.  Also, the Luka Modric standoff in Tottenham might be indirectly affecting us as well.  Part of why he was expendable for Tottenham (aside from never having played particularly well for them) was that Modric was playing so well.  If Modric gets his wish and leaves, then Dos Santos is suddenly one step closer to actually playing…  We’ll see.  I’d like him to come (as I’ve stated elsewhere).

Jeffren: Some emerging rumors that Sevilla are interested in Barca player Jeffren.  I imagine this is Plan B hunting if Gio falls through.  Have many of you seen him play?  How does he look?  Any preference between him and Gio?

Negredo: Just wanted to point something out.  In two separate articles, by two separate players (del Moral and Coke), Negredo was sited as the player most accommodating and welcoming to them as they transitioned to a new team.  This is for natural reasons as he played with del Moral for the Selection and with Coke at Rayo Vallecano, but its just nice to hear that he is such a good teammate and leader.  I want this guy on our team for a long time to come.  This is the last year of a potential Real Madrid buyback right?

Romaric: I mentioned this in a comment, but he’s still around.  And we don’t really have any other healthy attacking center mids right now.  He definitely had some excellent stretches for us last year.  But his attitude went to $hit for some stretches as well.  What do you all think?  Given that there are no buyers right now, should he be given a real chance to be a part of this team again?  Or should we find a way to sell him no matter what price?

Otherwise, sounds like things are getting going in preseason.  Del Moral says that Marcelino is putting a lot of emphasis on hard work and defense to make the team as balanced as possible.  I’m in support of that.  Of course, its kind of a throw-away statement, especially this early in training.  But yeah, this team has room to tighten up in the back…

Ugh.  Season needs to start!