The story of us: Sevilla and you

One of the things I thought would be fun about having our own blog would be an opportunity to share a bit about how we all came to be fans of Sevilla. Obviously, we’re a proud team with a great history and a decade that has given us a cabinet full of trophies, but most folks on my side of the Atlantic who get into soccer do so via the Champions League (it seems to me), and the teams they support are therefore chosen from a pretty narrow field: I’ve never met a Getafe fan over here, and I don’t expect to meet an American Reggina supporter any time soon (unless of course they sign a prominent American player, in which case I suppose we’ll all buy their jerseys).

Part of this gets at something I’ve often been curious about, which is the plight of the American soccer fan in choosing and becoming attached to a club. But I think at least some of us here aren’t from the US (but then, no one’s from Spain, are they?), and anyway we can save that for another day. For now, let’s all tell how we became fans of the rojiblanco. I’ll go first:

I studied in Spain for half a year in 2003, and a semester of that time was in Sevilla, where I lived just across Plaza Nervión and about two blocks from the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuan. I didn’t get to go to a lot games (I was living on the extremely cheap at the time), but I did get to see Sevilla dismantle Real’s first galactico squad 4-1, and I got to really enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere surrounding all the games I couldn’t afford to go to. I’d always been a big soccer fan and had played competitively for years, but hadn’t ever attached to a team in Europe before that. So at any rate enjoyment of the game itself wasn’t anything new to me. A couple years later, a friend of mine also lived in Sevilla during the first UEFA Cup season (I’ll let Aaron tell you about that), and his reports from afar (as well as having someone to discuss games with–I’m not sure theoffside existed at that point) served to rekindle my interest in the club. Since then, as p2p sources to watch the game have become more easily accessible (or at least as I came to know of them) and more online communities have started up, my enthusiasm for the team has increased steadily.

And I guess that brings us to today. What’s your story?