The state of la liga

I hate following up Theo’s great tactical breakdown so shortly after with something like this.  That conversation should keep going.  And plus, he promised us more installments anyway…

But, if you haven’t read it, this is a really good article from sports illustrated (?!?!?) on the state of la liga.  Troubling for sure.  Well worth the read.  And some mention of Sevilla as one of the “pretenders” (it hurts to read, but we can’t really argue…).

On the imbalance of the league:

“Last season, second-place Madrid finished 25 points ahead of Valencia in third and 33 points ahead of Sevilla in fourth. In terms of points, those two sides, supposed challengers, were closer to relegation zone than the title.”

On Sevilla’s economic prospects:

“Of Spain’s 20 first-division clubs, only six have spent more than $6 million. And two of them are Valencia and Sevilla, third and fourth last season, respectively. Worse, while they have spent $33.4 million and $13.7 million, respectively, they have recovered $99.6 million and $18.4 million. In other words, their net spend is zero; they have sold more than they have signed. If Luis Fabiano departs from Sevilla — and with the club having been eliminated from the Champions League this week, someone is probably going to have to go — that figure will be even starker. And before you say, “Well, they’ve got cash, at least. Valencia did brilliantly, as now it has $66 million burning a hole in its pocket,” it hasn’t. That money is burning a hole in the bank’s pocket.”

Will be interesting to see what falls out over the next week or two.  If the team decides it needs to get better, or if it needs to cut its losses and hope we can scrape by this season and find our way back into the Champs League.

If we had to sell some players, who would you nominate?