The Slow Hand of Spanish Justice Finally Catches Sr. Del Nido

Pretty big news from Spain today as Del Nido was finally sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for his administrative role in a public funds fraud case. This case has been under investigation and then in trial for quite some time, with the guilty verdict handed down what seems like several months ago, and while I personally have always assumed Del Nido was guilty (based on no evidence…it just SEEMED like he probably was), I am surprised first that the courts finally handed down a sentence and second that the sentence is as long as it is (although to be fair the prosecution was asking for thirty years).

For what it’s worth, Del Nido has always maintained his innocence in this matter, but his explanations always sound to my (layman) ears like the way the bad guys defend themselves in John Grisham novels: that he had been given orders to do what he did, and that his actions were “necessary” and “effective”, etc. That’s so close to “You can’t handle the truth!” that Jack Nicholson should be learning Spanish just in case they make a movie about Del Nido someday.

Not sure what the next step is for Del Nido or Sevilla…The man’s a lawyer by trade so I assume there will be a lengthy appeals process and maybe some reducing of the sentence, but it seems certain that nuestro presidente is definitely going to jail at some point in future for some length of time. I assume that Sevilla FC has been making plans regarding this eventuality, but I also don’t know what those plans would be.

Anyway, updates as they come along and/or as I become more acquainted with the Spanish legal system as it applies to people rich and powerful enough to make it work for them (they do that in Spain like we do it in the USA, right?).