The Sky is Falling vs !$^@#*& Happens

Is Emery a tactical genius among the best in Spain?  Or is he starting to show his weaknesses and at fault for our poor La Liga form?

Is this team a competitive European side?  Or are we on the edge of the precipice who will finish closer to relegation than Europe?

Do we have the pieces on our roster to play to a high standard?  Or has Monchi done us wrong by failing to assemble a competitive team?


We’ve had a good debate in the comments of the Malaga thread.  I tend to be an optimist, though often times my optimism can be blind and misguided.  Others on here seem pretty upset (justifiably) with our early season performance.

I came into this season expecting it to be one of transition and of re-establishing stability.  We have been somewhat spoiled by Sevilla’s golden decade (or few years at least).   So, I wanted to readjust my expectations to qualifying (legitimately) for European competitions and making a respectable run in our two other tournaments (Europa and Copa).  After an electric preseason (though mostly against weak competition with the exception of an out of sorts Man United side), many of us started dreaming big.  Myself included.   I’m not ready, just yet, to hit the panic button.

In Europa we have performed perfectly well.  Again, the competition has been quite mediocre, but we have handled our business.  In La Liga, the results have been more troubling.  The loss to Atletico hurt and the two ties to Levante and Malaga both felt like losses.

Undoubtedly, this team has had some misfortune.  Absurd numbers of injuries in critical positions, last minute hostile swoops for essential players, and (against Malaga at least)  an absurd offsides call that costed us 2 points.  But perhaps Monchi deserves blame as well.  Emery has made his own blunders.  And some of the players have either not been up to standard, or only inconsistently at the level they need to be.

Which is it?  Has this team just been unfortunate with injuries and bad luck?  Or is the sky truly falling?