The Quiniela.

This weekend sees a few very compelling match-ups worth watching: Saturday has the Derbi Madrileño, and Sunday has #6 Bilbao hosting #4 Villarreal before #3 Valencia hosts #7 Sevilla. Given that teams 5-8 are, as was recently discussed, all of 4 points apart, we could see the teams resorted into almost any new configuration by the end of the week. So let’s all try our hands at predicting some of the key games of the week. I’ll go first, and then you guys give it a shot in the comments with this format:


Atletico 1 – 3 Real

Malaga 1 – 1 Espanyol

Athletic 1 – 2 Villarreal

Valencia 2 – 3 Sevilla


That’s right: I’m predicting that in these four key games, no home team will win. So…use my format, but probably don’t use any other part of my approach.