The “Other League”

Quick rant:  I hate this expression the “other league”.  And I hate that our players and coach have made winning the “other league” one of our central aspirations.  Yes, I know, there is a zero percent probability of anyone other than Barca or Real winning La Liga.  And I realize it is a key component of the narrative being pedaled (and which I buy) by Presidente Del Nido that there isn’t true competition.

But its upsetting to me that even the players and coaches acknowledge and admit defeat before a game has been played.  Again, I realize fully that it would be delusional to argue anything else, but in pre-season, to set your goal as winning the “other league” is just a bit too defeatist to me, even while it is certainly more realistic.

OK.  Whatever.  Rant over

PS. Go sign Gio and get this nonsense over with.  He is demanding to come here despite our offer being about 3 million euros less than Udinese (who say they are confident they will get him).  I like that Gio wants so bad to come…  Get on with it.

PPS. Anytime we put Jesus Navas as a topic of discussion in our posts, we get about 50 more visits.  Jesus Navas Jesus Navas Jesus Navas Jesus Navas…  Just saying….