The Jesus Navas Pact

OK.  So, in the eternal boredom that has been this international break, I’ve been hearing a swell of new rumors about Jesus Navas.  Teams including Barcelona, Real Mierda, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool have all been mentioned as having great interest in our beloved Senor Navas.

So I want everyone who follows this blog (all eight of us… or maybe we’re up to ten?) to agree to remember two things should stalled contract negotiations remain stalled, as the winter transfer window approaches, and as rumors start to grow:

1) 98% of rumors we hear are total garbage.

2) Even if Jesus does one day leave Sevilla, the transfer money we are likely to earn is what will allow us to develop/recruit/discover three Navases in the future.

Of course the latter point won’t make seeing our boy wonder wear the colors of another team any less painful.  But keeping the big picture in mind will allow us to preserve our sanity and keep our eyes on the long-term goal of being among Europe’s best, not just for one or two seasons, but every season for the near, medium, and distant future.