The End of the Preseason, the Beginning of the Season

With our 3rd place finish at the Trofeo Carranza yesterday, the preseason has ended in Sevilla. Coming up over the next two weeks are our battles for the Supercopa de España and a CL place, and looking back on our matches thus far, there’s been some good and more bad. We beat up a bunch of lesser teams in Spain before heading over to Atalanta and getting our first win against an actual top-flight team. We followed that up against an Espanyol side currently observing the 1 year anniversary of the loss of Dani Jarque, and other than the fans of both clubs cheering loudly during minutes 16 and 21 (I think), there wasn’t a lot to love from Sevilla’s perspective. I saw patches of the game, and we really struggled to create anything much on offense, only scoring on a penalty from a foul on Perotti and eventually finishing 1-1 and losing on penalties (Kameni is a BEAST in penalties. See highlights below for details). Sure, we missed a second penalty in the last ten minutes, which obviously might’ve given us a win and made us feel a bit better about things (and given us a chance to play another strong opponent in Atlético), but then we followed that up by struggling to a 2-3 win against Cádiz, who you might’ve noticed won’t be competing in La Liga this year.

Admittedly it’s just the preseason and we haven’t had a chance to be together much as a complete team, but that’s sort of the point–tune-up time is now over, and suddenly we’re looking at going into the first Barcelona match playing unconvincing, at times disorganized football. Maybe we’ve got higher gears we just didn’t show this preseason, but there’s been little this preseason to be super excited or optimistic about. Hopefully we’ll come out against Barça looking a lot more impressive–it’d be nice to really paste the second-team squad they’re likely to put together post-international friendlies so we can have less pressure on the second leg that comes between our CL qualifiers.

Here are some highlights from the two Carranza matches: