The End is Near!

So I was going to post a post that summed up La Liga’s situation as we came into the final week, but then Sid Lowe, one of four members of the British press that is aware that Spain has a professional league, went ahead and did it better than I would have here:

It’s definitely worth the read and will probably serve to heighten your appreciation of all the excitement that’s going down over in Iberia. Meanwhile, in La Segunda, there are 2 matches left, and realistically speaking 4 (maybe 5) teams still in the hunt for promotion. Here’s the situation:


1. R. Sociedad/+15/64

2. Levante/+18/61

3. Cartagena/+16/61

4.  Hercules/+20/59

5.  Villareal B/+6/56

…and just out of reach in 6th is Betis, with a GD of +14, and 55 points. It’s not impossible that they’d make it, but obviously in addition to winning both their games, they’ll need a lot of help. It’s possible that by tomorrow they’ll be mathematically eliminated from promotion. It’s a pretty tight race, and it should be interesting to see who makes it to play with the big boys. I wish it was easier to watch La Segunda here in the States, because I have a feeling at least the month or so of that league is pretty fun to see.

Anyway, that’s the current situation in Spain. Tomorrow begins a pretty big week for us, so let’s hope our boys can do the business! ¡¡¡Vamos mi Sevilla!!!