The Curse of Saint Nectario

I asked a cousin in Sevilla to write some cool stories about Sevilla and for those that have no idea who is Saint Nectario, here it is something almost nobody knows:

The Curse of Saint Nectario

Miguel Bernabeu Meana

It all started in the 1970-1971 season, a very successful period for the guys of Nervión, being on top of the table and transmitting good vibes in every game

Due to the less tight schedule than nowadays, the greek coach at that time, Dan Giorgiadis, made the team go on tour to Greece to play some friendlies. The coach, who was at home, spoke wonders of Saint Nectario, the saint of the island of Aegina.

So much the coach was talking about Saint Nectario that players imagined that the chapel that housed the religious figure of Saint Nectario was as big and beautiful as La Macarena chapel. To their amazement, when they went to the island, they found a small house of just 15 square meters, which led in many jokes about its size and greatness.

Once they returned to Seville to continue to compete in La Liga, the revenge of Saint Nectario began to take place and the team didn’t get back on his feet, not even winning a single match of the second round, and went all the way down to the second division, being known at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan as “the curse of Saint Nectario”.

25 years later, the ex doctor of the team, Antonio Leal Graciani, made his son Antonio Leal González, doctor in 1995, forced the whole team go on another tour to Greece to make an offering to Saint Nectario in order to shake the curse off the team, and the black years were over.

And that’s why at home, in every important game we play (specially the Europa League ones) we share some drinks and joy with him, to not offend him anymore smile emoticon