THE CHAAAAAMPIOOOOONS!!! Juventus – Sevilla Match Comments

Today’s the day we see our heroes return once again to the biggest, brightest, and most lucrative stage in the game. We do so at one Europe’s storied venues, against one of Europe’s most storied clubs, a team that we unfortunately also saw in this stage of this tournament last year.

Sevilla is coming off a thrilling La Liga game in which they beat league-topping Las Palmas with two goals in the last 5 minutes. One the one hand, those goals brought to an end nearly two full games without a goal. On the other hand, if you only look at the last 5 minutes of that game, Sevilla is averaging a goal every 2.5 minutes! Good luck to Juventus stopping the scoring streak Sevilla’s been on for the last five minutes!


The three games we’ve seen of Sampaoli’s Sevilla gives us an incredibly mixed, uneven portrait. At times rollicking on offense, at times worryingly porous on defense, at times just lukewarm motionless nothing for long stretches at a time. This will be the team’s toughest competition by far; as such I’ll be curious not only to see how the team does, but to see if Sampaoli is capable or interested in showing some caution and reigning in the attack-mindedness a bit.


Regardless of the result, though, Champions League starts today, we’ll still be in the race at the end of the day. Let’s enjoy this! Vamooooos!