The Antonio Puerta Memorial Player of the Month Award: September

September turned out to be quite a month! We lost some games, tied some games, won some games, fired some manager, hired some manager, saw our best player injured, saw our best forward become a regular on the bench…it’s another month in roller coaster life of our unpredictable Sevilla FC. But today we decide who’s been the best for the club this month. To refresh your memory, click through to see how September went:

Sevilla 0 – 0 Depor

Sevilla 0 – 1 PSG

Malaga 1 – 2 Sevilla (Goalscorers: Alfaro, Cáceres)

Sevilla 1 – 1 Racing Santander (Negredo (p))

Hercules 2 – 0 Sevilla

B. Dortmund 0 – 1 Sevilla (Cigarini)

That’s right–we scored four goals in those six games. And were blanked three times! In six games! We went the whole month without a win in house, and ended the month in 7th in the league table, despite playing two teams currently in the relegation zone. (Have a look at the league table…we are currently 25% of Racing’s points and 33% of Depor’s after 7 games. NICE.) In this shitstorm of a month, who’s been (should it be “had”? metaphors are hard) the best umbrella? You decide, and then tell us all why you’re right in the comments: