The Antonio Puerta Memorial Player of the Month Award: August

I thought it’d be great if we had a monthly poll to see who the bloggership felt performed the best for the past 30 days each month. I’m calling it the Antonio Puerta Memorial Player of the Month Award, but if you guys think that’s dumb or disrespectful we can change it.

August was a very busy if not a particularly successful month for the club, but who did you all feel performed the best all month long? To jog your memory, that would be the two Supercopa matches, the two Braga matches, and the Liga kick-off against Levante (let’s not count preseason friendlies in this tally, because who cares?). We went 2-3 in that time, and got 10 goals from Kanoute (3), Fabiano (2), Konko (2) Negredo (1), Navas (1), and Renato (1). On the other end, (sorry for the sad reminder) we allowed 11, and did not manage a shutout in any contest. But PotM is not about numbers or just scoring goals–it’s the all-around best, most bad-ass, most consistent, most dangerous, most commanding, KILLER on the field. Who was that for you? (Oh and DUH make sure to state your case in the comments so we can have a big argument about it.)