The “About Me” Post

I admit it’d be cool if we had 200 regular readers and commenters here at MM, but it’s also kind of nice that there’s a smaller crowd here. There’s a bit more familiarity, and when you follow a smaller team in a sport that’s not regularly covered in your country, familiarity and community during games are really great things. Awhile back I made a post about how you got into Sevilla, and I thought as we wait for the weekend I’d throw up a similar get to know you post: tell us a bit about yourself. I’ll go first.

Location: Chicago, USA

Biostuff: 29, married, no kids.

Vocation: I’m currently pursuing degrees in medicine and public health, and I have one year left for each degree. I don’t want to grow up, though, so I may contrive another reason to stay in school forever.

Other sporting allegiances: Whoever’s playing Chelsea/RM (in that order, I think…Chelsea’s offside author regularly succeeds in showing me new ways to hate a team), Nebraska Cornhuskers ((american) football–this is my home state and alma mater), and after 4 years in Chicago I’m happy when local teams win, indifferent if they lose.

Non-sports hobbies/interests: I’m a wannabe barista/home espresso enthusiast. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and I’ll make you a killer shot of home-roasted, self-pulled goodness. Also, music. I like to listen to it, I like to collect it, and when I had more time I liked to write/play it. Mostly I just study, though.

OK, now you go. Answer these questions, or some of these questions, or other questions that are more interesting to you. If you’re not comfortable sharing this sort of information on the internet that’s totally fine, too.